There, There, Dear

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Calm yourself and steady as you head to the opening of Lauri Firstenberg and artist Anthony James’ new Hollywood space, There There. Housed in the beautiful deco Merrick Building immediately adjacent to the Church of Scientology, There There is an ambitious project, home to both a publishing project and exhibition space for an already impressive number of artists. And frankly, it’s no surprise, given that it’s the brainchild of the dynamic Firstenberg-James machine.




Making a splashy debut, There There opened its doors with a gorgeous display of polyhedron centerpieces, concentric neons, and matte black wall sculptures emulating interior vaulted ceilings of Renaissance cattedrali. The sprawling space allowed for movement within a dimmed atmos, lit only by the mirrored luminaries and tubes of light on the wall. Booming beats and flowing beverages made for an elevated party experience as one got lost in the geometric infinity (and, subsequently, snapshot central).



The show, curated to absolute perfection, allowed for inner-reflection and loss of perception, while utilizing each glossed surface to reflect light from neon in both the main space and backroom.



Upstairs provides for a gorgeous respite from introspection and a window through which one can marvel at the mastery below. A minimal, but supremely effective display demonstrates the skill with which Firstenberg and James operate.



From introspection to the admiration of its display, James’ work and Firstenberg’s eye provide (along with a totally bitching sound system) for a fresh pas de deux in what can at times feel like a chorus line of openings.


So, there there, my dear is where you give thanks for light, solid beats, a new chill spot, and, of course the E-Meter.


Milena Grgas


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