Su Xiaobai | Pearl Lam

1 Posted by - May 27, 2014 - FEATURED SHOWS



On our recent adventure to Art Basel Hong Kong, ArtBlitz LA stopped by the Pedder Building, Hong Kong’s home to some of the top international galleries. It’s rare to see such great art and art galleries under the same roof, just a short elevator ride away.

Chinese artist Su Xiaobai, merges contemporary Western esthetics with historical Chinese materials to create imposing, light filled sculptures on view now at Peral Lam Gallery in Hong Kong’s The Pedder Building, curated by Paul Moorhouse. Taking cues from Western modernist painting and practices of Buddhist Sutra, works that are both imposing and welcoming.

Moorhouse describes Su’s recent achievements as:

“The imperative to create a purely abstract art—visual statements free of external references and intrusive associations—has been a surprisingly elusive quest in 20th century Western art. From Kandinsky onwards, meaning in whatever guise has proved resilient, encouraged perhaps by formal relationships and the tensions that inevitably result when the dynamics of opposition and sympathy are given a place. It may be that only by denying overt visual ‘incident’, as such, that the associative qualities of a work of art can be denied, permitting its autonomous identity to emerge unscathed. In Su’s work, this exclusive approach has been remarkably liberating, permitting the creation of paintings which as far as possible shake off the ubiquitous compulsion to interpret, encouraging instead a response to their intrinsic nature.”









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