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Joe Lloyd and Tina at their home studio in Long Beach.

Joe Lloyd and Tina Linville at their home studio in Long Beach.


On a beautiful Sunday morning, ArtBlitzLA’s Jamie Samuel had the opportunity to meet Joe Lloyd in his home studio in Long Beach. With a show that just closed at Western Projects, Lloyd reflected on the ideas behind his paintings and how his style has evolved over the years. With an MFA from Claremont Graduate University, Lloyd has explored many different modes of creative expression.  He’s tried landscape painting and photography–integrating each previous experience into what he calls “abstract geometric landscapes”—beautifully complex paintings that immediately draw a viewer in.

Beautiful is just one of many words I would use to describe his work. Before I learned about his inspirations, I was first intrigued by the use of his colors and juxtaposing of shapes and designs. In our conversation, I learned about his extensive knowledge of color theory, which offered a sense of order to the seeming chaos that his paintings embody.  When I asked him to describe his process, Lloyd explained that landscape and architecture were once the original influence of his work.  Now he has a focus of “evolving the paintings from one to the next.”  Using Photoshop to dissect the photos and vectors of previous paintings Lloyd then creates a case study for what he will later paint as an original. Rather than solely focusing on hand drawn case studies, Lloyd uses this digital platform to play with new ideas. His explanation of his process helped to understand the complexities of his paintings. At times, the preparation can be the most extensive process of his practice.

Take a look at his studio that he shares with his wife, Tina Linville, who also has an ongoing show at Biola University. Open till September 18th, Transform features a collection of her sculptures in a group show at the Earl and Virginia Green Art Gallery.


Long Beach studio space.

Long Beach studio space.


Dark Triangle shown at Western Projects. Photo credit: Western Projects.



Installation shot, photo credit: Western Projects.



The digital aspect of Lloyd’s evolving studio practice.



Installation shot. Photo credit: Western Projects.

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