The Sculpture of Tina Linville

1 Posted by - April 9, 2017 - FEATURED SHOWS

When pastel dreamlike sculpture combines with the fantasy world of childhood action figures, one is flooded with an overwhelming exhilaration for the creative indulgences in Tina Linville’s new hybrid works.

Tina combines fabric, pom-poms, paints, and more in an earnest and aggressive primitive fashion onto pre-existing action figures from second hand stores. These figures gain a whole new existence within their new “costumes” and live as entirely new flamboyant and soft-sided versions of their former selves.

The half sculpture and half painting show at Jason Vass Gallery consists of Tina Linville and Dan Callis working within an uncanny symbiosis to achieve a pastel dreamland of a landscape in which one can wilfully be engulfed.

Tina’s exquisite eye for color is matched by her spatial conceptualizations of feminine and seductive shapes. These sculptures, mainly the miniaturizations with the action figure make-overs, play with humor in a way in which reconstitutes their existence as gender bending fantastical creations.


The painting and sculpture show titled, “Ready to See” will be up from March 4th-April 15th 2017 at Jason Vass.


By: Megan St. Clair


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