Small Changes Every Day with Amy Bennett

1 Posted by - October 3, 2016 - FEATURED SHOWS

Amy Bennett, a painter of both fiction and nonfiction has her new solo show “Small Changes Every Day” up now at the Richard Heller Gallery at Bergamot Station.



Her realistic paintings of fictitious environments create a unique viewing experience based on questioning what is real and what is contrived, all within the scope of a painting.


Bennett uses actual 3D models of landscapes, interiors, and even communities that she constructs herself to examine the fragility and absurdity of every day life. She then uses them as a modern still life and paints them as they are constructed. The models are set up and even lit to be as hyper-real as possible. When the models are finished she then paints them, and the paintings are a product of her imagination and her reality based on her two step approach of fabrication.



The 3D models are elaborated on so well that upon first glance the paintings are not noticeably any other environment other than the one we know. But with further examination there is a haunting quality that requires further examination of what kind of environment has proportions so close and yet so distinctly different than our own that we begin to wonder if this is reality or a construction.


I believe the ability of holding a viewer’s interest and allowing for each individual to have their own investigation of the paintings is a rare feat today. Typically, we can comprehend and accept things within a fraction of a second, but Bennett’s paintings disallow for a quick read. The paintings require a more delicate gaze and a thoughtful comprehension.



Richard Heller Gallery will be showing Amy Bennett’s solo show “Small Changes Every Day” September 10th until October 22nd, 2016.


By: Megan St. Clair

Photo Credit: Richard Heller Gallery


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