On View: Artifacts of Heartbreak

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Photo Credit: Museum of Broken Relationships & Mare Milin

Hollywood Boulevard is one of the last places I would have ever gone looking for romance in Los Angeles, but I am pleasantly surprised to say I found a whole lot of it at the Museum of Broken Relationships. Ironically the museum is in the place of the old Hollywood Fredrick’s lingerie store. But now instead of the mindless panties and bras, you can gaze upon lonely forsaken bras, clothes, relics, deadlocks etc… and have a rejuvenated experience with these items.


Photo Credit: Museum of Broken Relationships & Mare Milin


The Museum of Broken Relationships is a 10-year long venture that began in Croatia, and has been a traveling museum until it arrived as a permanent installment in Los Angeles. The premise is that when a romantic relationship ends, anyone can donate an item that was symbolic or given to them during the time of the relationship. The relic of the relationship is then put on display with a brief description and curated in a museum setting for a public showing.

Photo Credit: Museum of Broken Relationships & Ana Opalić


The museum houses a place for collective heartbreak, allowing the failed relationships to have a place in the spotlight. The trail of relics is both funny and tragic depending on how deeply you allow yourself to go down memory lane within your own relationship history.


The museum holds in it so much time and so many connections lost, that you can’t help but wonder where all of the love and passion goes when relationships dissolve. The collection suggests that you can summarize the relationship down to a single item, and relationships get turned into metaphors of stars in a galaxy or pathetic spicy Amish pickles that were never given to the partner in time.


There is a confessional at the end, offering visitors the opportunity to write down your bubbling feelings of loss and lovers forgotten. The gift shop offers you the opportunity to purchase some $2 Broken Relationship packages of tissues, which I bought out of love for the sarcasm of it all.



I admire a museum show that is able to be both silly and sentimental at the same time, artwork or contemporary art commonly is fearful of humor in order to be taken seriously. I find that the Museum of Broken Relationships is as serious as it gets in terms of our most personal reflections of relationships past, but opens up this conversation for viewers in a way that is both accessible and absurd at the same time. You ache for some, and you laugh and pity others, but all in all we love to learn and indulge in others juicy relationship details.




To see more visit: https://brokenships.com

By: Megan St. Clair


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