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Carmel Ni & Philippe de Sablet

“Everyone I know makes rad work and it needs to be seen” -Phil


Walking into a Phil Gallery opening surrounds you with a crowd of art lovers and friends, even if it is your first time there. This gallery feels as if you’re hanging out at your friend’s house, who just happens to know really good artists. You can always be sure to find Phil wandering around, and he’ll probably offer you a beer.

Phil Gallery was birthed into the Los Angeles art scene in May 2015. The gallery came to be through the spontaneous action of owner, Phil, spray painting, “Phil Gallery” onto a piece of drywall in his art studio. Gallery partner and long time friend, Carmel, decided to join the Phil Gallery team after Phil’s numerous requests for help. With cottage cheese ceilings and a character filled interior, Carmel described the space as, “forgiving but not making excuses.” Because of its selective hours of operation and large front window to the street, the duo joked that the gallery is, “never open but forever on view.”  Both are UCLA graduates and have a large network of artists. The gallery has shown paintings, sculpture, video, performance, and has even hosted a book launch. Their openings are designed to be laid back and convivial, hence the large couch they keep at the gallery that all are welcome to enjoy.


Phil and Carmel are pleased to present their eleventh show, Restructuring, with works from Jackie Friedberg. Jackie is a graduate from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and this will be her first solo show. Restructuring will feature a series of post-minimalist self-portraits influenced by Jackie’s relationship to others. Pushing the boundaries of material, her overstretched canvases expose flaws and invite the viewer to accept the beauty in these flaws. Jackie also pulls glowing material through her canvases to highlight the emergence of self shining through the surface. Using material as body, and at one point the body of a beetle as material, Jackie shares her personal transformations with us through her work.  The show opens this Saturday, September 24th 2016, from 7-10 pm at 202 S Ave 19,  Los Angeles 90031.

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By: MP Knowlton


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