Interiors: A Space Within a Space

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Within the contemporary art world there is a reoccurring question, “Can you make it bigger?” While the art world wants larger and larger art works, Jenny Ziomek is going in an aggressively different direction. Not only has her work resolved itself within the size of one’s palm, her gallery opening is going along with it.

 All pieces range from 1.75″ x 2″ to 3″ x 3″ and are made using a magnifying glass with watercolor and ink



The newest show by Jenny Ziomek, a recent December 2016 Graduate from Claremont Graduate School, is at Proxy Gallery. Proxy Gallery is a  miniaturized art gallery that is perched outside the office of curator and owner Annetta Kapon, inside the Otis College Art building. The gallery is managed and operated the same as any gallery would be, even though this space could fit into your suitcase.

“Shaving Her Legs” & “Brushing Her Teeth”


The Proxy Gallery provided Ziomek an opportune place to show her miniaturized intimate portraits. Each watercolor portrait is a petite window into different women’s private lives. Each woman shown is carrying out some self determined private ritual of grooming or nondescript personal time within the privacy of her own home. The women’s poses and actions are not particularly sensual but one is offered a sense of closeness and inclusion when gazing upon these collected tiny moments of solitude.

“Clipping Her Toenails” & “Getting Out of Her Shower”

Since you can not walk up to the paintings due to their tiny size, you place your head up to the gallery interior and have your own private viewing with the pieces. This singular experience reiterates their strengths as a quiet invitation to reflect on the true meanings of intimacy and vulnerability.

Close up of “Clipping Her Toenails”


Jenny is an artist living and working in Los Angeles who makes miniaturized drawings and paintings, as well as conceptual video and book works. See more of her work here


Proxy Gallery Show “Interiors” is open from January 10th-February 28th 2017

10455 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City CA 90232


By: Megan St. Clair


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