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Recently, ArtBlitz LA had the chance to meet with Blair Brown at her trunk show with Roseark in West Hollywood. Hailing from New York, Brown showcased her new collections, which incorporate raw diamonds, gold and other luxury metals.  Having trained with both sides of her family, Brown continues the family trade and traditions.  Like ArtBlitzLA on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to find out about Blair’s next visit to LA!

 ABLA: What is your first art making memory?

My family did a short stint in Minnetonka, Minnesota and there was a tie in our area to the Native American populations and crafting in the Midwest is a “thing”.  Fortunately, there were Michaels Craft Stores everywhere. I made miniature versions of anything I could think of – dream catchers, moccasins and other clay creations. These things started turning into earrings and then at 8 I rented a space at the local craft co-op and sold enough monthly to pay my booth rental.

ABLA: How did you come to jewelry?

I have a legacy of jewelry on both side of my family. My paternal side of the family has a history of Alaskan gold nugget jewelry dating back to 1901, so I am the most recent generation to carry on the family trade. While the business was sold before I was able to get into it I was still trained by my ‘Papa’s’ right hand gal while I was getting my BFA in sculpture.  On my maternal side, Grandfather, as we called him was a big collector of antique and estate jewelry. He had a really deep appreciation for the ‘finer things’ in life and fortunately for me really incredible jewelry fell into that category.

ABLA: What appeals to you about showing in LA?

LA is a incredibly creative space and it stands out from the rest of the county. It’s also the west coasts’ center for fashion and business. What’s not appealing about that!

ABLA: Tell us about your relationship with Roseark and why your jewelry fits in there so perfectly?

Roseark has been selling my collection since I was solely working with one of a kind in 2008. They are now carrying a selection from the rest of my collection.  There is no question that we are a great fit for each other. Roseark really embodies an aesthetic of beauty in purity and I think that is very much what the Blair Lauren Brown collections are about—where  the raw is pure and the beauty is appreciated in both the refined and the natural aesthetic.

ABLA: Favorite material to work with?

Raw gold. Nothing is better than 24k or a nugget with a little less gold content.





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