MP Knowlton
mpimagesizeOriginally from Harrisburg Pa, MP Knowlton is Assistant Director of Ochi Projects Los Angeles and Editor-in-Chief of ArtBlitzLA. His background is in Philosophy and Cultural Studies from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and Claremont Graduate University. He organized the LA Mixup Collaborative Art Project, and curated, Blurring The Bull, at The Diogenes Club in Los Angeles.  Articles By MP
Instagram: @Mpknowlto


Casey Dyson

Casey Dyson was first published in 2010. That was in the form of a short story titled Of Sound and Silence, which can be found here. He then worked as a contributor for an expat magazine in South Korea. Contributions to NEH magazine ranged from short fiction and poetry to cultural critique and movie reviews. On returning to the United States, Casey promptly procured a master’s degree in cultural studies from Claremont Graduate University and began a blog called yellowpayphone. Beyond his expertise in cultural critique and Ways of Seeing, he studied art history in Madrid, Spain where he became intimate with El Prado during weekly visits. His concentration was on Goya’s dark period. He currently lives and works in Venice, CA. Articles By Casey



Constance van Berckel 

pastedImageWith a background in Art History and Business, Constance’s main interest lies in how to bring the contemporary art market into the digital age. Originally from the Netherlands, Constance spent 2,5 years in LA working at various art galleries before moving back to Europe. Currently based in Berlin, she runs an art platform called Art Insiders, next to her job in digital marketing at an e-commerce start-up. Articles By Constance
 Instagram: @art.insiders
Facebook: Art.insiders




Lara Salmon
 Lara Salmon is a performance artist based in Los Angeles. Her work revolves around vulnerability, explorations of her body and cultural politics. Live performances are often endurance-based and call for audience engagement. She received a BA in Art from UC Berkeley and an MFA from Claremont Graduate University.  Articles By Lara



Mario Tofano
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.51.38 AM

Mario Tofano likes looking at pictures and, on occasion, thinking about them too. By day he capes up to protect art at a fashionable mausoleum in Los Angeles, at night he’s a mild mannered book enthusiast. Mario approaches contemporary art ambivalently but hopes his writing will mitigate some of his own confusion. Articles By Mario




Vinnie DePalma

Vinnie DePalma is a Brooklyn-based musician and media expert with an ever evolving taste for all that the diverse NYC art scene offers. From prominent street artists to world famous collections, he experiences and appreciates it all through the unique lens of non-tradition. Articles By Vinnie





Spencer M de Gauthier-StGermain

Spencer M de Gauthier-StGermain is an American poet, artist, and writer, currently living and working in that country. Poetry by Spencer





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