ArtBlitzLA is excited to see Carol Glenn’s new book at her signing at Craig Krull Gallery on Saturday, March 8.  An amazing painter, and ceramicist the book features beautiful images by Kirsten Shultz and stories about Glenn’s life and career.  It’s an exciting life she’s led thus far.  A model turned artist, married to an actor, mother, teacher to Demi Moore for the famous wheel scene in Ghost, and now published author, Glenn’s book is a beautiful collection of artistic moments.

ABLA: Your influences range from Japanese watercolors and calligraphy to well-known American potters.  When starting a new work or series what’s your process, how do you integrate all the things that inspire you?

Glenn: Whenever I start a new series of work in clay I tried to clear my head of all plans and expectations.
  I always think how great it would be to have an assistant to prepare and which wedge the clay for me but in reality preparing and wedging is part of the process.
  You integrate with the Clay.  It will lead you in a direction, if you let it.  
You start with a clear mind and then you will know in what direction you want to proceed.

ABLA: What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered being both a ceramicist and a painter?

Glenn: When I first started doing brushstrokes it was on porcelain platters.
  If you screw up it’s over.  
Jim Romberg a great potter and painter encouraged me to start practicing my brush work on paper and that led me to painting with watercolors on beautiful thick watercolor paper.
  And now when I paint and do brushwork on clay the best ones are always the most spontaneous and free.

ABLA: What was the inspiration in deciding to create a book?

Glenn: The book began simply as a way to document my work.  Kirsten Schultz started photographing.  She would walk around my studio, pick things at random and start shooting.  They looked amazing it started getting really really exciting.  I started writing little tidbits of things all related to the work– where I was, with whom I studied, what studio I was working in at the time…Then Kirsten brought in her amazing husband Drew Furlong who is a book designer.  They brought in Karen Oswalt who is the world’s greatest editor and suddenly the bar was raised really high.  The whole creative process became a joy working with these people.

ABLA: What are some of your favorite places to see art in LA?  

Glenn: There is a show in LA at the craft and folk art museum that I really want to see.  It’s by an artist name Shirley Familian.  She saved postage stamps over a long period of time, sorted them by colors and created amazing things…I hear.




photos courtesy of Kirsten Shultz 

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